Live Comedy – Todd Johnson Thursday, September 12th

Todd Johnson is a native to Idaho, has performed all over the US and Canada. In 2012, He was Runner Up in the Big Sky Comedy Competition.

In 2011, he participated in the Aspen Comedy Festival and was asked back the Host the Best of the Fest of 2011 in Aspen Colorado. Todd Johnson is a professional Stand Up Comedian. His clean humor and the way he puts a mental image in your mind make you see a different side of life.

He can be self-Deprecating, but also funny things that happen to him in his day to day life. You will laugh until you cry!!! Todd was a finalist in the 2008 Seattle Comedy Competition as well as Runner Up in the 2012 Big Sky Comedy Competition. Todd also performed in the Aspen Comedy Festival in 2010.

Todd was a finalist of the 29th International Seattle Comedy Competition in 2008. Coming from a small farming town in Idaho, Todd’s hilarious stories and quick wit keeps the audience wondering, “Where did this guy come from?”  The way he grabs the attention of everyone in the room through his visual pictures and clever twists is a must see!  He will keep you laughing and wanting more.

Todd may be from a small town in Idaho, but pay attention to this guy, you forget it or regret it! To most people, growing up in Idaho isn’t a life changing experience. But that is where Todd Johnson’s comedy got its start. At a very young age, Todd learned to laugh at himself as well as those around him. During the early years of school, Todd was very quiet and chose to practice his comedy on cows, sheep, and other barnyard animals. Telling knock-knock jokes and one-liners to Holsteins quickly proved boring.

After graduating and realizing that life existed outside of Idaho and it’s animals (it took him 18 years to figure that out), Todd learned that people laughed at his jokes. And a comedian was born. Growing up in Idaho familiarized Todd with a variety of things. His observations of life’s experiences are funny (especially when he’s talking about himself), not in the way you would expect them to be, especially coming from a simple-minded boy from Idaho. His clean humor and the way he puts a mental image in your mind make you see a different side of life. He also was featured on the Mad TV Network show “Man Up Stand Up” in 2009. Todd has opened for Weird Al Yankovik and the country band LONESTAR. He also can be heard on XM/Sirius and Comedy 24/7.